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Epilepsy Patient Stories

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Our Patients Share Stories of Hope

As a destination center of excellence, our epilepsy doctors in Orlando help pediatric and adult patients from all over the world through advanced diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy and seizures. Our skilled physicians create strong and lasting relationships with their patients and families. Experience the treatment and care delivered by the compassionate physicians at Florida Epilepsy Center through the patient testimonials listed below.

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Kaylene’s Story - Brain Tumor Survivor

In December of 2011, 15-year-old Kaylene Pollock was diagnosed with a golf-ball sized brain tumor. The tumor was causing her to experience violent seizures. With the help of Dr. Lee and Dr. Baumgartner, Kaylene had surgery to remove the tumor and is now living a normal, happy life.

Makenzie's Story

Makenzie Peters is in 5th grade. She’s full of energy, smiles and a little mischief of course. However, Makanzie suffered from terrible seizures that threatened to occur at any moment. Thanks to a miraculous brain surgery, Makenzie can now be a kid again. Watch her amazing story here.