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24-Hour Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

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A Level 4 Epilepsy Center and Monitoring Unit, Focused on You

24-Hour Epilepsy Monitoring Unit
The Florida Epilepsy Center works closely with the Comprehensive Pediatric Epilepsy Center at Florida Hospital for Children to provide expert, round the clock care for young patients. When you visit our practice, you’ll have access to our 11-bed, 24-hour epilepsy monitoring unit in Orlando. The specially designed seizure monitoring unit allows our team of specialists to observe you or your loved one in real time.

As a Level 4 Epilepsy Center, our epilepsy doctors and medical team use the latest digital diagnostic equipment available to assess, diagnose and treat pediatric and adult epilepsy and seizures. Using all-digital video EEG equipment, 3T intra-op MRI, ictal SPECT, FDG-PET and other diagnostic and testing tools, our team of specially trained nurses, EEG technicians and epilepsy doctors are able to paint an accurate picture of your condition and proceed with the right treatment.

Individualized Treatment from a Comprehensive Team

As one of the most cutting-edge centers for epilepsy in Orlando, the 24-hour epilepsy and seizure monitoring unit makes use of the very best tools available to study and successfully treat pediatric and adult conditions. When you visit our practice, our team of epilepsy physicians, specialists, nurses and medical technicians will create an individualized treatment plan that fits your specific medical, psychological and social needs. We make every effort to explain each procedure in clear terms, free of jargon, so you and your family can make an informed decision about your care from start to finish.

Advanced Care in a Comfortable, Kid-Friendly Environment

A visit to the hospital can be very unsettling, especially for younger patients. With this in mind, our epilepsy monitoring unit has been designed to appeal to patients of all ages. Our partnership with Florida Hospital For Children ensures your little one will be comfortable during her stay. A specially trained Child Life team is on staff to help your child prepare for his/her stay in the unit. They will help your child become acclimated to the environment and prepare for any schedule procedures, including surgery. The entire team at our Level 4 Epilepsy Center and Monitoring Unit is dedicated to ensuring your child’s hospital visit is comfortable and scare-free.