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Epilepsy Services and Specialties

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services and specialties
A Level IV Comprehensive Epilepsy Center

As a destination facility, the Florida Epilepsy Center works with a team of 30 sub-specialists to provide the most advanced treatments available, including clinical trials, and is equipped with a state-of-the-art, round-the-clock, Epilepsy Monitoring Unit to ensure each patient is accurately diagnosed and successfully treated. The unit is designated a Level 4 Epilepsy Center, providing the broadest range of care and treatment for pediatric and adult epilepsy conditions and seizures.

The Level IV Comprehensive Epilepsy Center provides the most comprehensive pediatric and adult epilepsy evaluation and management available in the country. The center serves as a destination treatment facility for epilepsy patients from as far as Panama and the Dominican Republic, where treatment of this kind is currently unavailable for people with intractable epilepsy.

Your Experience With Us

Our expert team will create an individual treatment plan for you or your child. The epilepsy surgery team will work hard to be there for you and your family through all steps of the process.  We consider you and your family part of our team and will work with you to obtain the best outcome.

Our experienced team will handle any medication needs and seizure control following the initial visit to the Florida Epilepsy Center.  We will assist you with medicine changes, medication refills, and problems with seizure control throughout the evaluation, surgery and postoperative period.  During these few months, we will maintain contact with your primary neurologist.  Three to six months after surgery and follow-up with us in the clinic, you can arrange to resume care with your primary neurologist.  If you need to find a neurologist, the team will make every effort to assist you.

If surgery is not an option for you or your child, our team will meet with you and explain the test results.  We will also offer you other possible treatment choices for your specific seizure disorder.

Our Innovations and Outcomes

  • The First MEG system and the first intraoperative 3T MRI in the State of Florida
  • Performed the first-ever hemispherectomy in Central Florida and performed 18 hemispherectomies in 2 years
  • 79% (29/38) had seizure freedom (Engle Classification 1 outcome) following resective surgery or hemispherectomy
  • 84% (22/26) had more than 50% reduction of seizures following the palliative surgery and callosotomy
  • Performed the first real-time language mapping using BCI (brain computer interface) in children under age 10.